Juan Manuel Martinez Moreno is free!

February 18, 2010 – From Casa Chapulin – Juan Manuel Martinez Moreno, husband and father of three children, was released from prison for wrongfully being accused for the killing of Indymedia journalist Bradley Ronald Will. Will was shot on October 27, 2006 by paramilitary troops under the orders of governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz while he was recording a mobilization in Santa Lucia del Camino, Oaxaca during the 2006 APPO movement.

Amidst the clouds and rainy day, the Martinez Moreno family was greeted by community members, teachers, friends, and media. Family and friends marched from the prison to the Zocalo. Juan Manuel was imprisoned for approximately 16 months without any solid evidence or witnesses proving him guilty.


Update on Oct. 2 political prisoners in Oaxaca

October 16, 2009
Translated by Scott Campbell

On the morning of October 11, 2009, after more than a week of remaining kidnapped by the system of injustice which reigns in our state, 10 of our 13 comrades who were arrested on October 2 gained their conditional freedom after a process plagued with irregularities and violations of their individual rights, but with the latent risk that if new elements are gathered they may again be subject to arrest, for which we ask all to be alert of any attempt to deprive them of their freedom.

We continue demanding the absolute freedom of the three comrades who remain kidnapped in the Santa María Ixcotel prison, who are: SOLEDAD GUZMAN RUIZ, GABRIEL MIJANGOS MARTINEZ, and BERNARDO RAFAEL VASQUEZ REYES, as well as demanding their physical well-being inside of the prison as the entire time they have been inside they have been threatened and attacked.

Prisoners Solidarity

Statement from the October 2 prisoners in Oaxaca

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

To the brave and conscious people:
To the democratic and combative teachers:
To the independent media:
To the Other Campaign:

Dear comrades, today we ask for your solidarity because we are a part of the social movement in Oaxaca, we are participants in the barricades, in the mega-marches, and in other forms of protest against the government. We are youth with the goal of completely changing this system and because of that we feel driven to continue fighting for the freedom that the brave people have instilled in us, that the people have seen arise in the majority of us, the prisoners from October 2, 2009.

We are active members of the movement where we join in and scream the slogans of freedom for political prisoners, for respect for the indigenous peoples and in defense of the earth which is as sacred and dignified as our lives which we have been building little by little, constantly struggling through the day, giving us strength to pick up a piece of paper and a pen which, like our lives, is so important because our paper is our life and the pen is what we do every day to work as always for a bit of bread and water, if we are able to get that much which is so necessary. Yet for the members of congress it is not so important, or for all of those who spend more than 2,000 pesos for food or those who want to increase their pay by more than 150%, which continues to increase the poverty in our Mexico with a hidden tax, saying that it is up to the poor to defend ourselves from the corrupt ravages of the major political, financial and economic (IMF, WB, IB) interests.


The Struggle Continues

x David Venegas Reyes “Alebrije”

The year 2007 came to an end in Oaxaca, a long painful year of injustice, repression, forced disappearances, state elections, and death, but also a year of dignified, heroic resistance by many men and women. As powerful forces and politicians benefit from the current state of affairs, they delight in proclaiming the return to peace and quiet in Oaxaca and a reconciliation among its inhabitants, but beneath their speeches, through their dubious, cautious, fearful — and above all, repressive and violent — actions, the truth comes out: the social polarization and sharpening of social contradictions is more drastic and more serious than ever. While they speak of peace, their arms, shields and clubs bark of war.