Statement from the Oaxaca Libertarian Bloc

"We go towards life"

“We go towards life”

From Proyecto Ambulante
June 24, 2016
Translated by Scott Campbell


In the context of the most recent acts of repression and violence that have arisen in the country, as different anarchist collectives and individuals we have decided to show solidarity by going into the streets and carrying out various actions in the different parts of the country that are suffering the brunt of the state, and resisted with the people.

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Community radio journalist and activist killed by police in Oaxaca

Salvador Olmos de Radio Tu un Nuu Savii

Igavec Noticias
June 26, 2016

HUAJUAPAN DE LEÓN- Salvador Olmos García, a 27-year old vendor, community journalist, activist, defender of lands, vocalist and pioneer of the anarko-punk movement in Huajuapan, was found seriously injured this Sunday morning in the Las Huertas neighborhood of the city.

Around 4:40 this morning, rescue workers of the National Emergency Commission (CNE) were alerted by local police agents that that there was a seriously wounded person at an unnumbered building on Naranjos Street, so Ambulance 06 of District 020 was immediately dispatched to the spot.

When the paramedics arrived, they saw someone lying by the side of the road. They immediately gave him first aid and put him on a stretcher.

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Section 22 march blasts brutal repression in Oaxaca


By José Stalin Pedro / Photos and sound landscape by Griselda Sanchez

After the brutal repression experienced on Sunday, June 19, Section 22 of the National Coordination of Education Workers (CNTE) in Oaxaca called a demonstration at the Juarez Monument. Thousands showed up with banners and posters supporting the teachers union, condemning the repression and rejecting the educational reform signed into law by the President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto.

At 10 o’clock in the morning the next day, the march set out on Federal Highway 190 towards the Zocalo of the city of Oaxaca. Along the way, thousands of people chanted slogans: “Right now, right now, there’s something you must do, bring our people back alive and punish all those guilty.” And “Press, press, press, if you have any dignity, all we ask of you is truth and credibility.”

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State Terrorism and Education, the New Speculative Sector in the Stock Market


June 22, 2016

By Renata Bessi and Santiago Navarro F.
Photos: Xiaj Nikte and Niña Salvaje
Videos: SubVersiones, Jarana Films, El Enemigo Común, Desde las Nubes and Avispa Midia
Translated by El Enemigo Común

The reasons why the Mexican government wants to impose the Educational Reform, even if it means killing people, as with the massacre in Nochixtlán by repressive state forces on June 19, are rooted in economic objectives guided by international financial organizations. The reform, proposed by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), with the OECD-Mexico Agreement to Improve the Quality of Education in Schools of Mexico, aims to lay the groundwork to shift education from being a State responsibility to instead being resolved in the realm of the financial market.

One of the state’s actions accompanying the Educational Reform is the issuing of bonds to the speculative market. Just over a year after the adoption of the reform, in December 2015, the first educational bonds or National School Infrastructure Certificates (CIEN) were issued by the Mexican Stock Exchange, which investors BBVA Bancomer and Merrill Lynch purchased for 8.581 billion pesos.

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Statement 0.2 Ungovernable Oaxaca. Black June, Oaxaca de Magón

The Constitution has Died. Photo by Xiaj Nikte

The Constitution has Died. Photo by Xiaj Nikte

Published by Proyecto Ambulante
June 21, 2016
Translated by Scott Campbell

Our rage cannot be contained by police bullets, by the State’s jails, by the media’s lies. Our dead will not be forgotten, their combative spirit has spread so that we may take justice into our hands.

Nochixtlán and Oaxaca resisted as the Isthmus region has resisted, demonstrating to the powerful that we don’t fear them, that we will confront them, we will defeat them; in the cold Mixteca the frontline has not been neglected. In spite of the pain that invades the people, they know the worst way to remember those who died in battle is to abandon the war.

To remove a blockade and its barricades incites them to place more closures, more people in the avenues, highways, towns and in the struggle. The regions remain alert, the solidarity shows us that the struggle lives. The attempted State occupation by federal forces only heightens the tension and revives the rebellion.

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