Update on detained biologist Ramiro Aragon

Biologist Ramiro Aragon Perez was illegally apprehended on August 10, 2006, by the state police of Oaxaca, who, after keeping him hidden for 24 hours, transferred him to the municipal police of Ejutla de Crespo. He was brought before the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic, which was when his family and friends finally learned of his whereabouts. Subsequently Ramiro was found together with two other people, beaten and tortured in the holding cells of the federal prosecutors, located in the area of Zaachila, Oaxaca.

He is charged with the crime of carrying weapons used exclusively by the Army, a no-bail crime that he roundly denies.

Ramiro Aragon is a highly qualified professional who specializes in ornithological studies, mainly the birds of Oaxaca state, on which he has worked with diverse academic organizations, international foundations devoted to conservation, civil society organizations and specialized researchers such as the Alaska Bird Observatory, Institute for Bird Populations, the magazine North American Birds and the World Wildlife Fund.

Over the past months he collaborated with the Grupo Mesofilo A.C. on conservation and sustainable resources management projects, studying birds on coffee plantations and working on community ecotourism projects.

On August 18, the judge who was hearing the case released the two people in custody with Ramiro but denied him bail, claiming that he is charged with a no-bail crime.

Presently the case of Ramiro Aragon is in the evidentiary stage, and his family and friends are working on his defense through the legal procedures, which require time and financial resources.

Because of that, from the Grupo Mesofilo A.C. and other civic organizations we respectfully call on the individuals and organizations of civil society to continue to collaborate with Ramiro Aragon’s family since his wife has stopped working and receiving a salary in order to devote as much time as she can to his legal case and give Ramiro support directly while he is in custody.

Ramiro Aragon’s family now requires financial resources for the support of his children and to afford the expenses that his permanent legal counsel demands until he wins his freedom.

To make donations to support Ramiro, deposits may be made into the bank account of his wife, Ruth Guzman Sanchez: Bancomer Sucursal 5685. Account number: 1455268567, bank code 012610014552685677. We also request more signatures be collected to support Ramiro’s work and ask for his quick release and withdrawal of the charges against him.

Board of Directors
Grupo Mesofilo A.C.


  1. Thank you for publishing this update. I worked with Ramiro in Oaxaca and the US on bird research projects, also with Grupo Mesofilo. I know Ram is innocent of the charges, and it is deeply frustrating to know that he still waits in jail.

    As friends and colleagues of Ram here in the US, we too have started a fund for his family. Checks can be made out to “Ramiro Aragon Perez Fund” and sent to Bank of Petaluma, PO Box 100, Point Reyes Station, CA 94956. We have received a great deal of donations from fellow bilogists and friends, and recentl staged a benefit in Fairfax, CA which earned even more.
    Ramiro en el 1 de Octubre. Another benfit will take place Berkeley, CA, 19 Octubre at La Pena Centro de Cultura.

    Que liberan a Ramiro!

  2. While attempting to find a good local bird guide for Oaxacan state, I came across praises for Ramiro. After googling his name, I discovered the history of his arrest, torture and imprisonment. However, I cannot find any updates as to his well-being after the numerous 2006 postings. Could someone please email me as to his (hopefully healthy and stable) status? Thanks in advance.

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