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Oaxaca Video Collective Needs Your Support.
Please support Independent Media in Oaxaca.

November 3rd, 2006 – The media collective that Brad was in contact with in Oaxaca needs some support. They are the video people who compressed and uploaded Brad’s video so everyone in the world could see it. Recently they have been releasing daily video from Oaxaca.

They urgently need support for the work they are doing. Their hard-drives are full and being used to edit and perform (other) translations of brad’s footage. They need space to continue the important work they are doing.


OAXACA: Consecuencias del ataque armado a maestros en San Bartolo Coyotepec

Infamia contra Bradley ataque armado en Santa Lucia del Camino Oaxaca

“Infamy in Oaxaca ” – Brad Will video with English subtitles

BRADLEY: In Memoriam

OAXACA: Testimonios desoues de la Muerte de Brad en Calcanto, Oaxaca

Pueblo de Oaxaca expresa rechazo a las Fuerzas Federales

Emisarios de ulises. represión del 29 de octubre en Oaxaca

OAXACA: Espera y coraje en las barricadas de bienvenida a la policía federal

Mal de Ojo TV,


  1. I am with Aztlannet_News Yahoo Group and I will post this in my next report. Companero Brad’s killing has helped to wake up many of us in different ways. Adelante!

    Liberation Now! Combat Mexican Fascism!
    Peter S. Lopez ~aka Peta-de-Aztlan

  2. Comité de Desaparecidos y Amigos de Presos Políticos de Oaxaca

    OAXACA: Sexta Megamarcha, contra la PFP


  3. Video posted on, not by mal de ojo TV, but nicely done

    oaxaca resiste!

  4. Subject: Oaxaca and Palo Alto
    Date: Sun, March 18, 2007 10:01 pm

    My friend and Palo Alto City council member LaDoris Cordell responded almost
    immediately when I forwarded the Blue Nightmare video to her, thanking me
    for sending it and letting me know that she was forwarding it to others in
    Palo Alto who will be part of a delegation visiting their sister city
    Oaxaca. The dates for the trip have not yet been determined, and whether
    she is able to join the delegation will depend on the date of the trip.
    However there definitely will be a delegation of Palo Alto residents
    visiting Oaxaca in the next few months. I let you know as I learn more

    The National Lawyers Guild and International Association of Democratic
    Lawyers is also planning to send a delegation to investigate legal and human
    rights issues in Oaxaca in early June. It is possible that I will be a
    member of that delegation, all of whom will be attorneys fluent in Spanish,
    so interpreters will not be necessary.


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