Oaxaca under marshal law

Nov 28th, 2006 – radio zapote writes: Since Nov. 25, after the seventh megamarch, Oaxaca suffers a non- declared state of exception. Police have been systematically violating human rights of not only APPO members and supporters, but against anyone walking the streets.

The repression began after the seventh megamarch reached its destination: the zocalo occupied by elements of the federal preventative police. A four hour riot occurred in the streets. The heavier clashes were to the north of downtown. Human rights organizations, like LIMEDH, testified that violence was initiated by provocateurs and later from police itself. Since then, police prowl the streets, even dressed as civilians, using vehicles without marks or plates. They’ve been detaining people for no reason. Also police forces continue to break into homes without any order or warrant. In the streets bullet shells were picked up; 9mm, 3.5, and R-15, all are of exclusive use of the army, but in Oaxaca the police use them against unarmed people. Red cross reported 5 injured by firearm, but many were never attended due to police presence at the hospitals.

The situation has worsened with armed groups attacking civilians. These groups are paramilitaries serving the Governor Ulises Ruíz Ortiz, or police dressed as civilians. Using heavy gunfire, they attack barricades, medical outposts and other points where organized people gather. Civil rights activists have also been attacked. Caravanning in pick up trucks, armed men also take people from the streets, kidnapping them. Some victims disappear and others appear later in jails showing signs of torture.

Human and civil rights of the detained ones are not respected at all. They are brutally beaten during the detention. Later on they suffer torture. They are kept in a state of non-communication, isolated completely from the outside world. Even with serious wounds, they receive no medical attention. Jail administrations constantly denies any contact with families and lawyers, and of course, human rights organizations. They also hide information, like names and data from the prisoners. Many of them have been removed to jails very far away from the state of Oaxaca, virtually unreachable, like San José del Rincon in Nayarit, La Palma Matamoros and Islas Marias.

Monday more people were illegally detained in Mexico City. A young woman, Mille Sara Illitch, French, amongst the arrested. Also another shooting forced to cancel a press conference in the Medicine Faculty. State terror has no sign of slowing down. Activists keep hiding on fear for their safety.

source: https://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2006/11/28/18333904.php

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