The Anniversary of the Movement in Oaxaca

July 26th, 2007 – Alive in Mexico writes: On June of 2006 the Government of Oaxaca launched an offensive against striking teachers. This action prompted the formation of a popular movement who made their actions famous around the world facing off against local and federal police and erecting over 2,000 barricades in one night. In the violence that ensued Indymedia reporter Brad Will (from the United States) was murdered by off duty police and a warning was issued by the Embassy to Americans to stay away from the conflict zone.

In this second visit to Oaxaca, Alive in Mexico interviews human rights defenders, teachers, and relatives of victims who died in the conflict. A year after the conflict the members of the movement recount their struggle, discuss the current situation that exists, and participate in several planned activities.

Alive in Mexico was in Oaxaca in June. Lately the situation has been extremely tense because of new repression by the government. Hundreds of thousands of Oaxacans protested and boycotted the festival called “The Mondays of the Hill” or “Guelaguetza” because it has been commercialized and organized by the government.

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