The Oaxaca Crisis and the roots of migration

October 17th, 2007 – Here’s a powerpoint presentation which Witness for Peace and EDUCA (Servicios para una Educación Alternativa, A.C.) have been using. Their event/tour just came to NYC and is now in upstate NY, moving to Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, D.C. and beyond.

Download the powerpoint presentation (7.4 MB)


  1. Miguel will be in Syracuse this Thursdya (Oct. 25) for an event at noon and also an event at 7 pm, with our local Detention Taskforce group and the Syracuse Peace Council’s monthly program.

    Vicente Fox is also right on the trail of Miguel, speaking in downtown Syracuse on Monday, October 29, courtesy of Syracuse University. We’re hoping to get some good discussion on Thursday and get some people together to disrupt Fox just a few days later…and only a couple days after Fox’s PFP killed Brad Will alongside Oaxaqueno companeros.

    If you are in Central New York, come and join us! You can contact Richard Vallejo at

  2. Is this show coming to Minnesota, or the upper midwest Witness for Peace organization? I’d like ot see the documentary that was just released.

  3. VIDEO: [offline 4/6/11]

    WMV file: (134.82 MB) [offline 4/6/11]

    The Oaxaca Crisis
    and the Roots of Migration
    Witness For Peace Tour
    St. James Church, Johnson City, NY
    October 18, 2007

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