US Activists protest on anniversary of Indymedia journalist’s death

On October 27th, activists in several cities around the US and the Americas gathered in front of Mexican consulates to call for justice in the case of slain indymedia journalist Brad Will, who was killed in Oaxaca, Mexico on October 27, 2006, while filming the people’s uprising. The protests marked the anniversary of Brad’s death, as well as the recent arrests of Brad’s friends and comrades for his murder, in direct contradiction to forensic evidence, video evidence, eyewitness reports and the Mexican government’s own Human Rights Commission report.

Reports and photos: NYC | Houston | Portland | San Francisco | Mexico | Uruguay (en español)

Audio: FSRN report on New York hunger strike


  1. Gustavo Vilchis, a witness to Brad Will’s murder and the man who gave him mouth-to-mouth on the way to hospital, remembers the protests and the organizing, discusses why the government went after the witnesses, and talks about Plan Mexico and how it will affect resistance in Mexico.



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