Activists arrested in Oaxaca during Palestine solidairty protest

Update: They were released the same night due to popular pressure.

At noon today, Saturday January 3, 2009, more than 20 comrades were arrested in a peaceful march to the United States Consulate in Oaxaca, in repudiation of the genocide perpetrated by Israel against the Palestinian people.

According to information received, the arrests occurred as demonstrators were en route to the Consulate, located in the Santo Domingo de Guzmán area of the city of Oaxaca. Without mincing words, the police forces attacked them with extreme violence that was totally unjustified when the march had barely begun.

At first, those arrested were taken to the Metropolitana, and it would seem that they were later transferred to San Bartolo Teontepec. Among those arrested are: Alebrije, Chucho, Cosme, Monty, Emo, Lallanta, Gabi, and two comrades from Chiapas whose names we don’t yet know. We’re still waiting to receive the complete list of the people arrested.

The undersigned collectives and spaces fear for the treatment that our comrades are now receiving and state that the politician ultimately responsible for these arrests, as well as any act of sexual torture or attempt against the physical and psychic integrity that these comrades may be subjected to, is Ulises Ruiz Ortiz.

We call on all social organizations, news media, and the peoples of Oaxaca, México, and the national and international civil society to stay on the alert for incoming news and to act so that the impunity enjoyed by the government will not silence us, demanding the immediate and unconditional release of all people arrested.

Immediate and unconditional freedom for the people arrested outside the United States Consulate in Oaxaca

Freedom for all political prisoners of Oaxaca, México and the world

And end to Israel’s genocide against the Palestinian people

An end to the invasion of Gaza. Israeli army out of Palestine.

Undersigned collectives and spaces:

[email protected] Somos [email protected],
• Brigadas 94,
• Dignidad Rebelde,
• Colectivo La Voz del Cenzotle.

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