Judicial authorities endorse impunity in Oaxaca. Ulises Ruiz and accomplices are exonerated from the case of Emeterio

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As many people already know, Emeterio Marino Cruz, one of the many social justice fighters that was repressed by the assassin governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz (URO) and Felipe Calderon, filed a criminal complaint against Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, Jorge Franco Vargas, Sergio Segreste Rios, Aristeo Lopez Martinez, Daniel Camarena Flores, Alejandro Barrita Ortiz, and Evencio Nicolas Martinez on charges of abuse of authority, attempted murder, physical torture, moral torture, psychological torture, cruel and inhumane treatment, destruction of public service, and injuries.

This complaint was filed at the Mexican Attorney General’s (PGR in Spanish acronym) office. But after time, the complaint was suspended. Months later we found out that the complaint was in the hands of Evencio Nicolas Martinez, agent and defendant of the state of Oaxaca. Again, another crime was committed, because he did not step up to be a judge in this case and because he delayed the process that should proceed according to law.

A couple days ago, the Licenced Wilfrido Bemardino Garcia Olivera, agent of the Public Ministry and associated with the Mexican Attorney General of the State of Oaxaca (PGJE in Spanish acronyms), announced that the aforementioned people denounced by Emeterio are exempt of all criminal charges, and therefore there is no guilty party for the actions on July 16, 2007.

It is clear what we have already known, that “justice” in our country was not intended for the poor.

It is for that reason that we make this public denouncement. This is an act of total impunity, but nothing strange for a country where a union of more than 60,000 workers could disappear from one day to the next, where the state is saturated with military and paramilitary troops under the pretext to stop narcotrafficking, a country that passes reforms to make the powerful more powerful, a country where the freedom of expression is a crime and the price is either death or imprisonment, as is the case for the political prisoners and those who were assassinated in 2006.

It is for this reason that we make this call to organize and mobilize since this is the only way to achieve justice.

2010 will be a year in which justice and repression will switch names, where even if the tyrant URO leaves his position of power, it will not guarantee that there will be change in Oaxaca.

We know that the impeachment of URO will not be easy but it is not impossible either.


Emeterio Marino Cruz y familia

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  1. VIDEO: Entre la impunidad y la dignidad: el caso del compañero Emeterio Marino Cruz

    by Chapulin encapuchado

    El 16 de julio del 2007, en el transcurso de la segunda Guelaguetza Popular, surgen enfrentamientos entre elementos policiacos y participiantes del movimiento social. El compañero Emeterio es brutalmente golpeado y secuestrado por represantes del Estado. Es torturado bajo la supervision de altos mandos y dejado por muerto en la calle. A dos años de los brutales acontecimientos, sigue la impunidad en Oaxaca, pero tambien la dignidad. Este es la historia de este compañero digno y de su lucha por alcanzar la justicia.

    This is the story of Emeterio Marino Cruz, whom was brutally beaten, kidnapped and tortured under the supervision of the high mandates of the State of Oaxaca in Mexico. It happened during fights that had broke out between participants of the social movement and police elements whom were trying to impede the celebration of the popular Guelaguetza in 2007. Emeterio became a symbol of the impunity that reigns in Oaxaca, but also of the dignity of a people that won’t tolerate more abuses and corruption from the State apparatus.

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