MULT Paramilitaries occupy San Juan Copala and maintain road blocks to prevent the return of the Displaced

After the caravan of the displaced, members of the Autonomous Municipality of San Juan Copala and members from Yosoyuxi left for San Juan Copala, approximately 200 riot people blocked our way today, January 28, about three kilometers from where we had left, in a place known as Barranca de Lodo, at approximately 12:54pm.

The caravan, largely made up of displaced women and children, men, women and children from the region, as well as solidarity activists from several social, political and student organizations from Oaxaca, Mexico City, Mexico state, and other entities, had spent the night in Yosoyuxi, after having been on the highway that runs from Tlaxiaco to Juxtlahuaca, and after hours of negotiations with government authorities, finally after nine in the evening on Friday, January 27, they were able to reach an agreement that the caravan could go to Yosoyuxi, accompanied by a strong police presence.

The displaced put forward their willingness to establish a dialogue with state authorities capable of resolving the matter, such as those from the Interior Ministry, the Indigenous Issues Ministry, the Public Security Ministry, so that some conditions could be established that would begin the work towards lowering the tension in the area.

However, again the state government sided with the paramilitaries, alleging that there could be no agreement to allow the entry of the displaced until tomorrow, when an assembly will happen by those who have illegitimately and violently occupied San Juan Copala since September 2010.

As of this moment, there has been no rapprochement from the authorities, nor overtones about ending the blockade maintained by the state police. The situation is tense and we ask everyone to be alert as there is information that since yesterday, Friday, January 27, hundreds of MULT paramilitaries are occupying San Juan Copala, maintaining blockades at various points on the way to Copala, thereby blocking the entry of the displaced.

Caravan of dignity for the dignified return of the displaced from San Juan Copala

Translated by Scott Campbell.

Photos by Municipio Autónomo de Copala


  1. Compañerxs, the dialogue between the government and the displaced from San Juan Copala has been broken off.

    The Triqui compañeras are ready to enter Copala, even without safety guarantees.

    We ask you to be on alert.

    As well, as a result of a direct order from Jesús Martínez Alvarez (state interior minister) the state police have just detained David Venegas Reyes without saying where they are taking him. Please update the media that the caravan to San Juan Copala today hoped to enter their town and negotiations have broken off and we hold PRI-UBISORT and PRI-MULT responsible for the attackes and murders that these organizations have carried out against our brother and sisters from San Juan Copala.

    Autonomy, Autogestion, Direct Action, For the revolution!

    Long live indigenous autonomy!

    Free Political Prisoners!

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