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“Guarda Bosques” (Forest Keepers) – Complete Documentary – Manovuelta 2013

The Community of Cheran kicked out the police and military and are practicing self determination and self defense against the corrupt narco-government.

(45 minutes) 2013.

On April 15th 2011, when organized crime thugs teamed up with the logging industry and different government agencies to pillage precious and sacred forests at gun-point, the indigenous Purepecha community of Cheran, Michoacan, Mexico rose up with sticks, rocks, and bottle rockets against what can only be described as their local narco-government. Since then, they have taken the authority’s offices, weapons, and pick-up trucks, ousted all political parties and all local and state police, and have re-established a traditional form of self-governance that includes its own council of elders, a community “police”, known as a “ronda”, and its own forest defense team, or forest keepers, known as the “Guarda Bosques.”

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By el pinche simon

community rights defense organizer and documentary filmmaker. student.