¡Ni un paso atrás! Not one step back!

danielsan writes: Seven audio pieces, with translation to english, are attached, all from October 12th. Five are from the CIPO-RFM march, except for two which relate to the opening of a Forum in Oaxaca City.

Saturday, October 14th – The 1er Foro de Solidaridad Nacional e Internacional con el Pueblo de Oaxaca [First Forum on National and International Solidarity with the People of Oaxaca] has just begun at the UNABJO [National Autonamous University of Benito Juarez] in Oaxaca City. Some await the results of the talks in Mexico City, slated to be finished early next week (Monday or Tuesday), others are moving ahead with alternatives methods of education, democracy, and governance with the intention of following through no matter what the Senators say.