The August Takeover of Canal 9 & The ‘New Zócalo’

November 8th, 2006 – danielsan writes: Seven audio files in Spanish in mp3 format, recorded at Canal 9 on October 17th, plus a short video showing the crowd at Plaza Santo Domingo, a few blocks from the central Zócalo, where teachers and APPO members and supporters now gather.

The story of the takeover of Canal 9, the state-run TV station taken over by a group of women on August 1st. They maintained a blockade of the station for almost three months, until the PFP arrived last week and removed them. We talked to two teachers (and one of their daughters) outside the station a couple weeks ago about the takeover and the situation for teachers in Oaxaca. It was an interesting conversation–of particular note is the file ‘Is APPO Feminist?’ Apparently ‘feminism’ is a bad word in México, just like it is in the states. While the teacher discussed the efforts of APPO members to support gender equality, she explicitly states that it is *not* a feminist movement because it doesn’t exclude men. I guess it all depends on how we’re socialized to define the word. We also discussed the role of the Catholic Church in the movement and heard from a teenage student about the lessons being learned in the streets.

Listen in Spanish, read translations in English. Thanks.

Audio on Santa Cruz IMC

The takeover of Canal 9 ( 11:49 )

The demands of Oaxacan Teachers ( 5:45 )

The Struggle and the Church ( 1:47 )

Beyond Fear ( :30 )

Is APPO Feminist? ( 3:00 )

What the kids are learning ( 2:33 )

The lessons of the students ( 2:16 )

Santo Domingo Video

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Download the video (9.2 MB)

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