Tensions Rise: University Autonomy Violated as Radio is under seige

Radio Universidad declared a victory earlier today, at least for now.

November 2nd, 2006 – danielsan writes: The Federal Government is trying to consolidate it’s power in Oaxaca, attacking the University Campus (a violation of its guaranteed autonomy) in order to remove its radio station from the air (at 1470 AM), which broadcasts the words of teachers, students, workers, the indigenous, and others the Mexican government wants silenced.

After a day of intense street fighting, in which the Federal troops entered the campus of UABJO (Universidad Autónoma”Benito Juárez”de Oaxaca), Radio Universidad is still on the air. Oaxaca City is full of tension as Canal 9 has already been attacked and reoccupied, a foreign journalist has been killed, the striking teachers have been evicted from the Zòcalo, people are being rounded up, and street by street people are resisting the incursions and the very presence of the military. Foreign journalists are being threatened, and teachers are being attacked.

The backlash is beginning, as the arrival of the military all but guarantees impunity for Mexicans loyal to the ruling PRI.

Audio: Listen to Radio APPO

no soy maestra

Audio: Download the mp3 (2:23 minutes / 2.2 MB)

This is a statement from Monday — (2 min. 23 sec. in Spanish) — a woman asked me to spread the word in my home country: She is NOT a teacher, she is NOT a member of APPO, she works downtown, and she is outraged at the crimes of Ulises Ruiz and the behavior of the government and military in her city. She says that this is not just APPO or just the teachers, but it is the pueblo, the people of Oaxaca who are resisting the corrupt government.

source and more photos: https://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2006/11/02/18325876.php

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