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We once again repeat we will not ask their approval to be free

EEC Note: The Okupa Che is an auditorium taken over during the 1999-2000 student strike at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, the largest university in Latin America. An autonomous, anti-authoritarian space, it has faced constant repression from state and university authorities. Yorch, a member of Okupa Che, was detained on Wednesday, when police planted a backpack on him containing large quantities of crack, clonazepam and marijuana. He is now being held in a federal prison in Hermosillo, Sonora. Regeneración Radio reports that there is a strong rumor the Federal Police are preparing to evict the Okupa. Several collectives have condemned Yorch’s arrest and the UNAM Academic University Assembly has issued a sign-on letter calling for Yorch’s freedom and an end to attacks on Okupa Che.

Okupa Che
February 25, 2016
Translated by Scott Campbell

To the independent media
To allied collectives and spaces
To the general public

For several years and in various ways we have been denouncing and exposing the campaign of vilification and harassment unleashed globally against the anarchist movement and Okupa Che in particular. No more than three months ago fake text messages directed at specific people in the name of the Office of the President threatened the violent eviction of the space and the possible location and detention of some of its “squatters.” Added to that, various hit pieces in the media have appeared in recent weeks making several claims that are supposedly related to the existence of the space. Periodicals complicit with UNAM’s Office of the President and with the State – La Razón and El Universal, for example – have thrown around conjectures and assumptions about business, drug trafficking and robbery, using the risky and premeditated theory that all of this is overseen by people connected to the squat.


Activist Hip Hop for Ayotzinapa

[ Rap in Atliaca ]

The night of the 2015 spring equinox, two buses set out from Mexico City for the Ayotzinapa teacher training school. Aboard were MCs, DJs, Bboys, graffiti artists, muralists and silk screeners of the People’s Assembly of Activist Hip Hop. All were on the way to participate in an event organized with strong support of the organized teachers of Tixtla, Guerrero. Some had been in Ayotzinapa before, and others wanted to get to know the people in struggle there.

The next morning the teachers invited representatives of the Assembly to share their ideas in a radio program. Some of the organizers responded to a question about what motivated them to be there as follows:

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Community Ronda from Cherán, Michoacán Prevents Narco-Corrido Concert by “El Komander”

[ Barricada. Cheran, Michoacan. December 15th, 2013. Photo: Simón Sedillo ]

By Simón Sedillo

A “narco-corrido” concert by “El Komander” had been promoted  to take place in Cherán, Michoacán at 3pm on December 15th, 2013. El Komander is known for singing about organized crime and in particular about the Gulf Cartel. Even though the Gulf Cartel isn’t active in the Purépecha plateau, where the community of Cherán is located, community members clarify that they are absolutely against any type of organized crime organization and the activities that revolve around them, including narco-corridos of any type.

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Rest In Power Doctora Bertha

Dr. Bertha Muñoz was a medical doctor and a tenured university professor at the Benito Juarez Autonomous University in Oaxaca. As an active member of a healthcare workers union, she provided medical care during the 2006 Oaxacan social movement. She also played a spontaneous role in Radio Universidad by opening up the microphone to public discontent with a clear message. She became known as “Doctora Escopeta” (Dr. Shotgun). Dr. Bertha had to leave Oaxaca and even Mexico in exile after the 2006 uprising out of fear for her life and well being.  She returned to Oaxaca from exile on November 25th, 2008. This short video documents the moment. 

Dr. Bertha passed away on July 26th, 2013. Rest In Power Doctora Escopeta!

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When a Woman Steps Forward

Cuando Una Mujer Avanza – When a Woman Steps Forward

Hello Friends and Family!!!!!

We are extremely excited about the latest Manovuelta film Cuando Una Mujer Avanza, which is about a young Oaxacan woman who is an absolutely amazing Hip Hop / Rap artist. This sister not only rhymes and sings in verse about real life situations faced by a young native woman from southern Mexico, but she also speaks to the entire world from a rarely heard perspective on life and community liberation.

This is Manovuelta’s first attempt at an Indiegogo fundraising campaign. Please check out and spread the word about the film trailer and the Indiegogo campaign itself to support this project. Thank you so much.

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