Indigenous Repression

Documentary: Nochixtlán, land of the brave

By Avispa Midia
July 10, 2016

The following documentary conveys the feelings and testimonies of the people that lived through the massacre that occurred in Nochixtlán on June 19, when the police killed at least 11 demonstrators. After various government attempts at negotiation with the families of the fallen, the people maintain their position of rejecting the Educational Reform and the structural reforms.

“We do not negotiate with our dead. Instead, we ask the federal government to leave and the state government to go with them, because they do not know how to govern the Oaxacan people,” said the mother of a family that was part of the dialogue commission of Nochixtlán with the federal government.

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When a Woman Steps Forward

Cuando Una Mujer Avanza – When a Woman Steps Forward

Hello Friends and Family!!!!!

We are extremely excited about the latest Manovuelta film Cuando Una Mujer Avanza, which is about a young Oaxacan woman who is an absolutely amazing Hip Hop / Rap artist. This sister not only rhymes and sings in verse about real life situations faced by a young native woman from southern Mexico, but she also speaks to the entire world from a rarely heard perspective on life and community liberation.

This is Manovuelta’s first attempt at an Indiegogo fundraising campaign. Please check out and spread the word about the film trailer and the Indiegogo campaign itself to support this project. Thank you so much.

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Triqui Weaving

Women’s weaving has become more constant. Grandmothers, daughters, granddaughters weave with their threads, with their hands, with their words, weaving resistance, opening roads with their worthy rage, moving forward for themselves as they have done so many times before on roads that can now be easily confused with the red on their huipiles (traditional indigenous dress) because of all of the bloodshed in their community. The huipiles are embroidered and worked by the hands of Triqui women, women who alongside their people have been repressed and humiliated, until they’ve reached a point where the majority that live on the outskirts of the city have been misled and deceived into thinking that we are masters and mistresses of our lives, receiving what we do not need, surviving with what we do not want and forgetting our needs. I choose to forget those that propagandize, those that repress and fill the dignified roads of San Juan Copala with blood, those that shame the land with each act of displacement, with rape, with murders, those that hate that the Triqui people, who will once again rise up and demand justice, fighting for what is theirs.

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La Doctora returns to Oaxaca

November 25th, 2008: Doctor Bertha Muñoz, nicknamed La Doctora Escopeta during the 2006 popular uprising in Oaxaca, has returned to Oaxaca after two years in exile.

During the social movement of 2006 she created first aid stations where she cared for the injured; she accompanied the march to Mexico City; and from the microphones of Radio Universidad, she helped organize the peoples’ defense of the radio station, when Federal Preventive Police attempted to take the station on November 2nd.

Her only crime was speaking truth to power from the microphones of Radio Universidad. For that crime, she and her children had to leave Oaxaca after the brutal state repression of November 25th, 2006, and after receiving numerous threats against herself and her family.

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Music and art from the social movement in Oaxaca

November 21, 2008: Below is a video Scott Campbell recorded and edited of the son jarocho group Raices performing one of the anthems of Oaxaca’s social movement, “Son de la Barricada”, at Nueva Babel in Oaxaca. It’s accompanied by Scott’s photos. The video is subtitled in Spanish, click the link for the English translation. Enjoy and pass it on if you like it.